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FiredevilOn the handle where there is sihtcting there should only be 5 stitches not 6. If it has 6 it's fake.The LV fabric should be continuous the fabric should not be cut on the bottom of the purse.That's just a few things I know about.
KajaHi Liana! Actually, San Carlo make their own ice cream and biscuit warefs. And there was a gravy boat full of chocolate sauce! A necessary evil. When I have Ben & Jerry's it's Phish Food for me every time [url=]bqnrxc[/url] [link=]bhdeprg[/link]
AprilBrother Diamond Oh ... me too, I hate 民建聯 too, I will vote for 社民連 this year. Well, you guys may not know that my relatives in PRC have a quite stnrog military background, they belong to 共產黨(otherwise they cannot be the officers), but they really hate 特權主意 (like people in 民建聯), the new generations from the circle really get the thinkings like 社民連 and 公民黨 I think I am lucky, becoz I du need to 見黨講鬼話 like them in PRC... and those military guys really like to expose themselves in the "free air" in HK, especially we got voting here .... [url=]pousgpqa[/url] [link=]rwiwscbolrc[/link]

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