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Naomi- You know you can pop your own microwave pporocn without buying the bags, right? All you need is a brown paper lunch bag and some pporocn kernels, and maybe a little oil. Open the lunch bag and pour in some pporocn kernels (I just eyeball it and usually cover the bottom of the bag). Drop in a little oil if you want (helps to keep the kernels from sticking together, but it's not necessary), fold over the top of the bag twice, and put it in the microwave. I usually set the timer for 4 minutes but it only takes maybe 2, 2.5 minutes? Stand there and listen to it while it pops though otherwise you risk it burning. Then just melt your own butter and pour it on top and serve! Way cheaper than buying the bags of microwave pporocn plus you don't get any of the nasty chemicals they use!
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