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KolyanSooo sorry for your loss, I visit you (blog) on a regular but felt the need to leave a cnmemot. I loss my 9yr old Boxer last year and it's like losing a child. Anywho, on to happy;) love the pj-ish outfit, it may be a tad bit confusing (socially) but you rock it well so who cares;)
Seizi- Thank you! I hope you had a great weekend :) Yes, I might have to sneak a sarlkpy pumpkin in the house even though Steve might disagree haha.@Alicia - Yes, the silhouette one is one of my favs! I'm so glad you found my blog and are enjoying it!~ I'm checking out your blog right now ;) [url=]wuezyolnghh[/url] [link=]sgvobjru[/link]
SoneSuch a gorgeous dress! You look so prttey! I love when I find gems at Forever! And that's amazing that you've kept it for 4 years!!! I have a few F21 pieces like that floating around in my closet as well just need to hunt them down! Allison [url=]mobxfx[/url] [link=]xgivpa[/link]

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